Startup guides

The Start-up Series (Enterprise Nation)

The Start-up Series, with Enterprise Nation and Xero, are videos jam-packed with tips from inspiring entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneur Handbook

Information website for UK entrepreneurs providing advice and guides on every aspect of starting and growing a business.

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Business Starter Kit

The Business Starter Kit combines expert advice from twelve industry-leading companies to help you execute your business idea and start realising your dream.

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Santander online resources

Range of online resources available from Santander Universities.

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Our Advice

We are often asked, ‘Is this a good idea?’,  ‘Is there a template which shows me how to build my business?’ Quite simply we will never judge your idea.  Sometimes it is the most unlikely ideas which succeed. As for templates and guides, well there are too many to mention and no two are identical. Timing, planning and execution are key in the startup world. An idea may be great but without you driving it with a passion and getting inside the minds of your potential customers it simply won’t happen. Use the guides to steer and advise and then persevere to make it happen.