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5 Podcasts Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Listen To

5 Podcasts Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Listen To by nest startup Alex Harvey of the Student Food Project

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When to jump

When to Jum is a global community featuring individuals, stories, & ideas around leaving something comfortable to pursue a passion.

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Freelance Lifestyle blog

"The UK freelance blog for fun and fabulous freelancers - whatever stage you're at!"
By Emma Cossey

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Being freelance podcast

The podcast where creative freelancers chat about being, well, freelance.
By Steve Folland.

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Creative designers & makers blog

Blog aimed at creative designers and makers.
By Print & Press

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The Creative Introvert Podcast

The Creative Introvert Podcast
By Cat Rose: The Creative Introvert

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The Freelancer’s Teabreak

The Freelancer's Teabreak
By Emma Cossey from The Freelance Lifestyle

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