Intellectual Property, Patents and Copyright

British Library – Protecting your business ideas

Protecting your ideas

Intellectual property is vital to the business process. Knowing how to protect your idea, whether it’s an invention or a brand name, can save you a lot of time and money. Read on to find out about patents, trademarks, copyright and registered designs.

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Licence finder

You may need a licence for:

* some business activities
* other activities, eg street parties

Use this tool to find out which licences you may need.

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IP Basics (videos)

IP BASICS - IP made easy by the Intellectual Property Office.

Great range of short videos relating to IP. Video's include:
What is Intellectual Property?
Is Intellectual Property important to my business?
Should I get a trade mark?
Should I have a registered design?
Should I license or franchise my Intellectual Property?
Should I protect my Intellectual Property overseas?
How do I avoid infringing IP in work?
Someone is using my IP
My business is a victim of IP Crime

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What’s Intellectual Property got to do with you?

Short introduction from Durham University on intellectual property.

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Gov.UK – IP Tutor

Training that teaches you the basics of IP based on your sector.

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IP Equip

IP Equip is a learning tool that will help you to recognise intellectual property (IP) rights i.e. trade marks, patents, copyright and designs

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GOV.UK – IP Toolkit

Intellectual property toolkit.

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Copyright advice for writers and artists.

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Sound and Music copyright basics

Copyright advice for composers and performers.

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UK Copyright Service

Copyright basics for composers and performers.

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Design & Artists Copyright Society.

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Own It

Intellectual property advice for the creative sector.

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Our Advice

Intellectual property, patents and copyright can sometimes be a minefield and also very expensive but without it could cost you your business or result in costly fines.