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Entrepreneur’s Lounge: App Creation

So you have an idea for an app but have little or no idea how to go about making it.

What skills are required? How much does it cost? How do you find someone who can help you build the app or can you build it yourself? These are just some of the questions you may be thinking about.

Watch and find out how you can make your app idea a reality.

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Entrepreneur’s Lounge: Fundamentals of Freelancing

Have you ever thought of using your skills & knowledge to make money? Many do! From photographers to web designers, translators to sports therapists, writers to marketers. The potential is endless.

Freelancing is more about using your skills rather than having an ‘idea’.

Getting to work on a range of projects for different clients, being your own boss and having the independence to make your own decisions.

Join us to hear from Emma Cossey, Founder of the Freelance Lifestyle. Emma will talk you through what she wished she had known when starting out, her their top tips and the first steps in getting started before answering any questions you may have.

(This is a virtual event and was hosted online)

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Enterprise Showcase 2019

Watch the Facebook live of the Enterprise Showcase 2019!

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Entrepreneur’s Lounge: Crowdfunding

How about crowdfunding - where your aim is to get a large group of people to pay a small amount of money to invest in your idea. Well known examples of crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter Crowdcube, Crowdfunder and there are many more.

In order to have a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s not quite as simple as just asking people to invest their money. Come and find out about why you may want to consider crowdfunding and how to put together the best campaign together for maximum impact.

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Entrepreneurs Lounge: Interacting with clients

Recording of our Facebook Live video from our Entrepreneur's Lounge session led by Chris Reynolds.

Who are you clients? How do you find them? How do you interact with them? How do you keep them?
For any Startup it is important to know how to find and keep clients. Creating a professional relationship and setting expectations is key. So what exactly does this involve?
Great client relationships can lead to repeat business and them becoming your biggest advocates.
Come and hear from our expert Chris Reynolds who will share their experience and insider knowledge.

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Entrepreneurs Lounge: Marketing & branding

Recording of our Facebook Live video from our Entrepreneur's Lounge session led by Ian Dickson.

Marketing is an important part of any Startup. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but a clear marketing strategy should be considered and developed.
Your brand is one of your greatest assets. It’s not just your logo, slogan and design scheme, but your customer's’ total experience of your business.
Not sure how or why your startup should be considering marketing - come and find out!
Join our award winning expert Ian Dickson, who has helped many startups like yourself.

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