Accounting & finances

The Slide App

Slide connects to a user’s online bank account and the balances and transactions are populated on the grid, enabling the user to get a view of their online balance on any given day in the past, present and future. As users populate the grid with incoming and outgoing payments, the daily balances automatically recalculate to provide a real-time view of how much money is available each day. Fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have been providing virtual banking solutions to major banks for decades under their parent company, Cashfac PLC.

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Expenses if you’re Self Employed

A short video explaining where to declare your expenses on your tax return, and covers what are allowable expenses.

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A freelancers guide to bookkeeping

This handy guide by Paul at The Financial Management Centre helps freelancers manage their invoices, bills and payments. This guide also helps freelancers stay in control of cash flow.

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HMRC VAT (Next stage – charging, reclaiming…)

Resources specifically related to VAT for your startup. Covering charging VAT, reclaiming, recording and much more

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HMRC VAT (Early stage, when to register…)

Resources specifically related to VAT for your startup. Covers when to register, rates of VAT and much more.

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Addo Accounting

Local Accountancy firm offering support packages to startups.

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Mazuma Money

Providing accountancy support for startups and small businesses.

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Our Advice

When planning a business you’ll want to be sure that earnings are higher than outgoings. Earnings are also referred to as revenue, turnover or income and this should be a greater figure than outgoings, overheads or costs.

Hiring an accountant can be expensive (normally upwards of £60 per hour). When starting out it can be a good idea to do your own accounts and this can also be a great learning curve. Once you’ve learnt the basics you can still continue to do them yourself but we would advise that you have them looked over by someone who is trained before submitting them to HM Revenue & Customs.